Hi, I’m Julia, and as long as I can remember myself I always liked to grow flowers, vegetables, plants and even trees. 

The researcher in me believes in conducting thorough investigation and analysis of the science and information for each of my gardening tips to make them as accurate and as reliable as I possibly can.

There is nothing like sitting outside in your house or balcony first thing in the early morning sipping a cup of tea and being surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers. Then just before lunch, make your favorite homemade salad from fresh vegetables picked up from your backyard.

That dream garden didn’t get that way by chance, it was a result of hard work on your part, choosing the right soil, fertilizing, planting and even mowing.

On my site, you’ll find informational articles on the latest trends  in this beautiful gardening world as well as thorough product reviews such as mowers, fertilizers, remedies, soil, plants seeds and anything related to helping you create your dream garden

I hope to help you better understand this magnificent world and provide you with many garden tips & solutions that may help you improve your daily living.

Whatever your dream garden is, I am here for you.

Contact me for more.

Yours, Julia

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